From the 5th till the 18th of September 2011 ten members of Groep 85 participated in the eleventh edition of the project: Resy Croonenberg, Coby Dam, Hetty van der Eng, Herman Groen, Bep Klaassen, Jan Willem Lackamp, Liesbeth Roorda, Paul Saris, Jac Schmidt and Leendert Wijtman. Most of them continued carving stones which they left unfinished the year before. The following sculptures were completed in 2011: ‘King Arthur and Lady Guinevere’ (2003-2011) by Paul Saris, a seat carved with the shell of a snail by Resy Croonenberg, and works by Bep Klaassen, Coby Dam and Liesbeth Roorda.

From the beginning of the project valuable support was given by Hannah Sofaer and Paul Crabtree of PSQT. essential technical help was delivered by Geoff Smith of Stone Firms and Danny Nash of Portland Stone. They supplied the group with a generator for electrical supply, a cabin for shelter and storing tools. Scaffolds and planks to work on the big boulders were placed at the group’s disposal by Chesterman and Matthews from Weymouth.

In September 2011 Paul Saris completed a sculpture at which he had been working for over seven years, a huge image hewn out of one of the large boulders of the outer circle, just at the entrance of the project. The artist explains: “In 2003, in my third year on Portland, when I was working on my third sculpture, to my mental eye a man seemed to arise out of the rock. He surprised me by carrying a sword in his hands. The whole shape was in the stone already! I only had to follow the cracks and split them to set him free. So King Arthur was there. Soon I got the idea to give him the support he needed. For seven years I worked at the opposite side of that stone to give Lady Guinevere the opportunity to reach her beloved husband.

Perhaps after many, many ages, when even this rock will have fallen to pieces, we will know whether she really reached him with her love, or if there has come someone between them….”