At first sight the weather conditions seemed to be unfavourable this year. Have rain accompanied our arrival and the same was true for our departure two weeks later. But between these two extremes sun was shining continuously. It was wonderful carving weather.

Our group was smaller than usual; only eight of us could participate: 

Resy Croonenberg  Herman Groen 
Coby Dam Jan Willem Lackamp
Maurice Dorren Paul Saris
Hetty van der Eng           Leendert Wijtman

We hope next year Bep Klaassen, Bianca Oude Groeniger, Liesbeth Roorda, Jan Willem Rutgers and Ria Schoen will be with us again.

Our stay wasn’t characterized solely by carving, but also by a spectacular landslide of a part of the cliff on which The Circle of Stones is situated. The cliff was on its way to tear apart from the solid rock and ready for falling in the ocean. Small parts had already come down producing a thundering noise. The fissure in the surface became wider day by day.
A part of the Coast Path had gone down already and the authorities had decided to divert the path more inland, over the terrain of The Circle of Stones. As a result many walkers came to see our sculptures when they came past. The pleasure proved to be mutual. People like to take a break at our site.

In the meantime we continued with our sculptures. Jan Willem Lackamp gave after four years a final touch to his ‘Window to the World’. Likewise Paul Saris finalized his ‘Wedging’. He went on by sketching the outlines for his ‘Bison ’and cut away masses of stone. Hetty van der Eng reached the final phase of ‘Petrified Vegetation’, so did Resy Croonenberg with her ‘Wave’, Herman Groen with his ‘Triceatops Hermanus Rex’, and Maurice Dorren with ‘Octopus’. Coby Dam added refinements to her ‘Fifty Two’, especially at the back side. Last but not least Leendert Wijtman prepared his ‘Dinosaur Eye’ far enough to be able to give it its final shape next year.

As has become our common practice over years we behaved as a group also after working hours. Most memorable is our presentation as a singing group in the ‘Sailors Return’ in Weymouth. In this pub, cheered by the enthusiastic audience, we sang a medley of Dutch evergreens, like ‘Dudeljo klinkt zijn lied’ and ‘De uil zat in de olmen’. Surely we will be invited for a repeat next year.
We’ll never forget the way Tom, night guard of Portland Stone Ltd, received all of us at his doorstep.

Looking back on this fifteenth carving fortnight we find that it has been once more a memorable and enjoyable campaign.

We’ll be back in the first two weeks of September 2016!